Left Arm Tan (lat)

With a singular focus on great songwriting and live shows defined by a compelling vibe, purpose and swagger, Left Arm Tan is a band busy redefining Americana.

The new album, Alticana (release date Feb. 26, 2013), was produced by Salim Nourallah (Old 97's, Whiskey Folk Ramblers) and features 13 new songs from lat. As the band says, "every song has something that will both break and mend your heart."

But don't take the band's word, see what the press has to say... 2010 Song of the Year - Saving Country Music No Depression Review. Read Review >


"nothing less than one of the brightest, most tuneful albums of 2013" - Routes and Branches

"glittering country-rock compositions" - Fort Worth Star Telegram

"Alticana is an agreeably smooth, infectious blend of potent hooks and rootsy instrumentation" - FWWeekly

"This is the kind of album that should be radio-friendly, but will never be because it actually has some backbone." - Adobe and Teardrops